viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

Autopsy of a dream by Paola Tognazzi

I made this movie quite a few years ago with Mari Matre Larsen, Mathias Mooij and Jacob Plooij at the violin. It was during the times I lived in Amsterdam in the amazing space of the hotel fontana in the weteringsschaans. Now a days I'm interested in different formats and styles but the leitmotiv of investigating the insights of dreams and envision them as bodies with a life spam, bodies that live and die and that are summited to an autopsy still interests me.
In this case it was about, someone may call it feministic, being a woman, being wild, being childish, strong and weak at the same time. I'll never get tired to thank Mari Matre Larsen for her understanding her wilderness and her beauty.

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