domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010


there is something i don't get: what's this spanish obsession for showing cunts and dicks in the arts, be them in written words, on stage or on video and paper, cunts and dicks are everywhere.
Now seriously some are bigger some are smaller but seing one 2 3 4 they are just cunts and dicks. Really it's boring. What about some methaphors or what about some personal touch
I really would like to see, one day, an exposition here that says: This is my dick or this is the dick of the man I love and that gave me so much pleasure
or this is my dick that gave love and pleasure to all those cunts. and viceversa. Names, faces and email addresses to check the references, so that there is no cheating about... aka proves.

Only today i saw around 26 of them first in a catalogue of 2003 spanish expo of photoespana
then navigating a performing art site. Just now watched a xformance that goes like this:
A woman takes 3 minutes to clumsily open a can of soup.
once she manages to open it, she starts spilling the soup on the floor
mumbles incomprehensible noises
takes a pair of scissors and cut her jeans around the crotch puts her fingers on her cunt as masturbating then spills some more soup.
Performance over. Big ovation.
If there would exist the sgae for performances (you know those that charge you money for music copyrights) , this one would have cost the performer a lot of money. A copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy...... just to say i've seen this piece a 100 times. In the 60th maybe it had some reason to be but in 2010 it just got old.
Guess one day i'll make the experiment myself: ask four persons to enter a space and do these sequences. As a project is defenitely cheap and doable. No rehearsals needed given the pedestrian quality of the actions, and very easy access to those props... cutting the jeans ... that's the more expensive detail, easy to solve though.
The title: If you think this piece is provocative or thoughts provoking maybe it's time you pack your suitcase and move abroad.
It's 2010 Sex and masturbation now belong to the realm of beautiful and natural experiences, it wasn't a short journey but here we manage to arrive, big thanks to tv bytheway, if you still empathize with whom portrays them as shocking....move to a better environment.

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