sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Aurora Boreale interactive installation by Paola Tognazzi

Aurora Boreale allows to draw, moving freely in the space, wearing Iphones and Ipods interactive scenographies representing the organic architectures inside our bodies.

Aurora Boreale is an multi-user interactive audio visual installation based on mobile wireless sensory technology of movement capture data, analyzing the dynamic energies and rhythms of the audience's body and translating it into musical and visual projections. It allows the public to develop physical awareness, listening of the body and physical body-to-body communication. The technique is based on inertial accelerometer sensors, Real time control, audio-visual tracks manipulation, augmented sensorial reality, and the understanding of bodies range of movement and energy. The design uses Ipods and iphones as controllers with which the public can create with the movements of their bodies interactive soundscapes and drawings live. Through their movements they modulate in real time their own dynamics and the energy of the sound and the visuals, establishing implicit modalities of expression between movement-sonorous quality-drawing and movement-energy. The design of this installation is highly intuitive and transform the body of the public in the absolute protagonist, allowing them to understand and authentically participate in the work.

This installation focuses on categorizing the discourse on contemporary art around the body and the visibility of both the work and the creative process that it nurtures, researching new formats to engage the audience as co-authors in the live final production.

This work is based on the philosophy of using the whole body, not only the hands, to create complex audio- visual interactive pieces, where social interaction plays an primary role. It creates a space where, by the way technology is used and the stories that unfold, construct a secret world, in which the audience can move in. It has the sense of now, with the electronic technology, but it is very human and emotional, with the story and the mystery that unfolds during the interaction. The technical part doesn't overshadow the human.

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